Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be. Love

Love is an amazing thing, something that connects us all at our deepest level in the very essence and truth of our being. Love, it is something that we all want, desire and deserve yet how many of us truly love ourselves?

It has been said, you must give to get but what are you getting? The better question is what are you giving? Not to another but to yourself? If you are not taking the time to nourish yourself, to love the whole of you may today's blog be a dose of love to and for you and a gentle reminder of just how amazing you are.

As you read this now, I invite you to become aware of your heart beat...beat by beat this is your rhythm your natural ebb and flow...flow now into the rhythm of all that you are... welcome in and through your body with each breath, with each heart beat the warmth and light of all that is and all that you are... may you recognize your greatness, your worth, your talent, your gifts, your perfect expression of you that no other will ever duplicate... Breathe... FEEL your heart as it is beating now and know that you are a constant flow of LOVE... As you love all that you you share this love with yourself and the world around you know that you will experience unlimited expressions of love in, of and all around you...

BE that which you wish to receive and know that you are all of that and so much more...

With Love & Gratitude,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

Change Agent

Be YOU in 2012

Be Your Best in 2012 & BE.yond...
If you have sworn that 2012 WILL be YOUR year, different from years past, I invite you to take a moment and consider why, how and in what ways??? Before you get busy doing all of the tasks on the 2012 to-do, take a moment to fully consider how you are ready to BE~

Start from the End… It is often said that goals do not work, because you reach them and then what? What is next after a goal is met, do you revert back and begin all over again or do you feel a bit disappointed as if achieving the goal was less than the imagined version of success? Before you start all of your doing to achieve your 2012 desires stop and start from the end. Ask yourself a few of the following questions to get you totally connected to your ultimate state of

• Why do I want to achieve ________ ( insert your goal of choice here such as loose 10 lbs)?
• If I achieve that, then how will I BE?
• If I achieve that, then how will I be feeling, speaking, standing, moving, breathing?
• If I achieve that, then how will I be treating myself, thinking about myself and why am I not already doing that now? Hmmm note to self, be good to self now and later 
• If I achieve that, then what type of thoughts will I be thinking in my head, how will I be communicating with others, how will I be treating others?

Do you notice a pattern??? The big question is when you think about what it is that you really want and you think ahead to the end of already having it, then go one step beyond and notice the YOU that has achieved this 2012 goal. How are YOU? How was the process? What did you need more of or less of along your way? How are you NOW that you are fully connected to how you are ready to BE?

2012 is not another year of setting goals and then letting life take over in the driver’s seat again. 2012 is YOUR year to be.come AWAKE, to notice the many opportunities available to you to experience what you desire in the NOW. Yes it will be great when you reach your goals but just think, if you connect to your ultimate state of, the reason why you are really wanting to achieve a goal in the first place, then you can already BE feeling great now.

The journey of life does not always have to be about, when we just get to point b, or to obtain a thing, a title, a relationship, a drop in pants size. The journey is a journey, this is true, but it is YOUR journey, one in which you get to choose. This is your journey, this is your year, how do you really want it to BE? You can create your story, your adventure anyway that you choose! For total success in the here and now, start from the end and fully connect with what it is that matters to you and why and bring the energy of your desire into the here and NOW allowing you to fully be.come all that you are here meant to BE and so much more!

Happy Travels into 2012 and be.yond~

PS.... If you want a bit of guided help to fully shift your paradigm of the past and make 2012 your best take a listen to PARADIGM SHIFT.

With Gratitude & Joy,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC
Change Agent.


Today is all about being BOLD. What do I mean by being BOLD? Well sometimes to know what something is, is to know what it is not...let me share a story...

A friend of mine went to a local bar a week ago and as she went over to the juke box ( yep they still exist) a man came up behind her and said, "lady, I like the way you are put together" then proceeded to give her a reach around and felt her up. Did you chin just drop because mine hit the floor when she told me this story? Bold yes, authentic NO. This is an example of what not to do. So what are some great ways to BE bold in your life today, minus an unsolicited reach around?

To fully answer this question consider first what it means to be bold to YOU. Next consider a working definition: Bold; to be fearless, daring or courageous.

As you are considering being bold, let me ask you if you, were to BE Bold today, how would you be feeling? When you are BOLD today, how will you be standing, moving, breathing, as you are BEing the Bold, Fearless, Daring YOU now?

To Be authentically you is to come from a place of If you could BE anyway, how do you desire to BE? This 30 day journey is all about taking time to be aware of different aspects of ourselves and as we explore different states of being, notice how the doing unfolds. Think of the next 30 days as shopping for YOU. Each day, I encourage you to take an action around the state of being and as you do, try them on for size so to speak and notice what works for you. What feels right, what supports you, what empowers you and allows you to be your best self? Keep what works, release what does not. There is no need and no time to try to make it all fit,this is custom tailoring my friend, buy and keep only what is right for YOU.

As you choose to experience more of what does fit, what does work for you in your life you will notice the unlimited opportunities that present on a daily basis. Each day the universe is showing you what you love, so go for it, enjoy it, fully allow yourself to experience the juiciness of life as you be BOLD, as you be YOU!

Tell us how you are BOLD today...

With Gratitude & Grace,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

Be. Clear

Something tells me that I am not alone on wanting an answer, asking a question and even thinking that I am open to receiving the guidance to still not see, not get, and not accept what is being given. We want what we want in the exact way that we want it, no exceptions!

Today I am sharing the message to be clear about what you want but move beyond an outcome. Move to the space that is the essence of what it is you seek that which you desire. If you have set a clear goal to release 10 lbs lets say and you have put a plan of action in place that is great. You are clear on the outcome you want, but WHY? Why do you want to take the action in the first place? Why do you want to release the weight, why do you want to shift your nutrition, why do you want to move your body, why, why, why? Is it because you want to be healthy, to have more energy, to feel confident, to be strong, to feel good in your own skin, to be light, to be free? We all have our own person why’s…

As you ask yourself why and simply notice the answers that come, you align with a deeper part of yourself. The clearer you become to the true meaning of why you want what you want, you then open yourself up to a heightened awareness. The greater your awareness, the more you be.gin to notice the many opportunities that present to you to support you in experiencing the essence of what it is that you desire in the here and NOW.

I was focused on my outcome only and missed the opportunities that were being presented to me. The good news is that when something really matters, when you continue to ask for answers, the answers will always come. Clarity allows you to see the answers exactly as they are and not how you need them to be.

Be Clear to your truth and you will find all of the joy, the energy, the love, the motivation, the goodness, the juiciness of life in the now instead of the later. As for me, I am happy to be. Clear NOW 

With Clarity & Grace,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

Be. Curious

Curious George, the little monkey that gets into so many things makes everyday a new adventure. Are you curious? When was the last time you questioned, wondered or looked at something in your daily world with a sense of curiosity and awe? Have you ever wondered who works at the water plant when you turn on your faucet or who is out fixing the electrical lines when a storm hits and power goes out? Do you ever wonder how electricity was discovered in the first place, this unseen force that gives so much to the world?

And what of yourself… are you curious about YOU? About what lies within the depths of you still waiting to be discovered and expressed? The quickest way to personal transformation and authentic living is to ask questions, be curious and notice the answers that come. Today is your day to let your curiosity run wild, find your inner little monkey and take a chance… You just never know how far a little curiosity will go, it all starts with a desire to BE curious and from there a recognition that ANYTHING is possible!

How will you be. curious today?

With Curiosity & Joy,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

Be Still

Be. Still

Just for a moment as you read this now, allow your mind to quiet, allow your breath to fill your body with ease, just for a moment as you sit and read this, allow yourself to simply BE still in the now…

Life is always happening, coming at us at what feels like warp speed. Tasks, goals, aspirations, hopes,dreams, immediate needs and objectives to be met, it is the beauty of modern day life. It is not to shy away from reality as we know it or to be frustrated by it but rather to experience the opportunity for balance of busy when it is counterbalanced with stillness.

So how is it done? How does one connect to this state of stillness that I speak of? Intend it...

Today I invite you to slow it all down, just for a moment. Recognize that your life is not a race to be won, it is your journey to BE had so allow yourself to be in it. Stillness exists even in what appears to be chaos and hurriedness, stillness is within. To tap into this natural state of, simply give yourself a moment to just be STILL. Tell your mind and your to-do’s that you are giving them a 60 second break as you draw your awareness into your heart. Awareness begins with the mind but follows with the breath,the essence of the life force that fills your body. Breathe in calm, breathe in ease and be still in the moment to simply notice the peace that is present in this, your moment of stillness.

From stillness to action, not separate, but together they allow for a greater state of wholeness. Bring the peaceful ease of stillness with you as you are now recharged and ready to go. Jump back into the hustle bustle of your day, knowing at any time you can take 60 seconds to just be still to revel in the greatness that is YOU.

With Gratitude & Ease

Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

Be. Mindful


The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart…. Helen Keller

This quotation is on a plaque in my home and today one of my yoga students brought it into class to share this sentiment with us all. As she read it, every hair on my body stood up because I KNEW that I was being told to BE mindful. To pay attention, it was no coincidence that she brought it in today. It is no coincidence that just yesterday I was speaking with my husband reflecting on what it is to be a student of a challenging lesson and wondering what it must have been like to BE Helen Keller, then my husband said, "better yet, imagine what it must have been like to be her teacher".

As this quotation was shared in class, just prior to the reading a student who is a school teacher was speaking of the challenges teachers face in delivering quality education, speaking of the no child left behind act and the “dumbing-down” process of our current education model. As Helen’s words spoken so long ago were again echoed in my yoga class today, I shared mine and my husbands conversation with my students and was given the message…

Be mindful of our perceptions, what of the children that people think are unable to be taught? What of the challenges that we face that we think we can not be overcome? What of all of our perceptions and expectations of limitation, of what can not happen and why vs. being mindful of the potential that lies within for unlimited outcomes, unlimited possibilities, unlimited ways to BE.

What if Anne would have given up on Helen? What if she would have just looked at this woman who appeared to have what many would label as “limitations” and decided that yes, she IS limited, I can do nothing for her? How many times do you, me, we stop something before it blossoms into being? How many times do we miss the message, the coincidence that is no coincidence, how many times do we miss the true opportunity for the unexpected to surprise us and teach us a thing or two along the way?

Today is your opportunity to be MINDFUL of what can BE… Here is to you... How can you change the world today?

With Gratitude & Appreciation,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

Be. Playful

With half of the country covered in snow today, what better opportunity than now to go out and play. Build a snowman, slide on the ice, eat fresh snow and if you are nowhere near snow today, that’s ok, there are still unlimited opportunities awaiting you to PLAY. You remember that activity that you did when you were small that consumed you for hours on end? You know, that space where doing and being just merged effortlessly and all that you imagined came to life through your toys?

Playtime is not just relegated to an activity for children. Play is a natural state that instantly connects us to our inner joy and light. As it is said in the law of attraction, we attract to us not what we want, but rather what we ARE. As you ARE experiencing ways of being joyful and light, you are that, and as you are, so shall be.

Today is an “all-call” to go pretend… use your imagination, laugh, giggle, make a fort under your desk, go have a race, dance, do whatever will connect you to that space of play. Go have fun because you deserve some joy today.

Share with us, your favorite ways to play :)

With Laughter & Joy,

Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

Be Healthy

I remember back to the days of my life, make that years, where my mental and physical energy was consumed with the idea of being healthy, but what was health to me? It meant being a certain weight, a number rather than a state of being. With that number and the attainment of it, came restriction, limitation and lots of working out. It was a thought of have to vs. want to, it was negotiating with myself, "I will allow you to have 1 brownie if you add in an extra workout". It was a constant running tally of calories expended and consumed all the while knowing exactly which machine at the gym would tell me I burned the most calories in the shortest time just in case I needed to go into the land of calorie deficit so that I could drop another pound.

My early years of deprivation are what I am sure led me into the field of health and well living. What started as burning calories unfolded into a true awareness of honoring the natural health that lies within. We are taught that health is a text book, a series of equations if we follow and fall into "normal" categories then we are healthy. While research is valid and it is important to exercise at least 3 times a week, eat a well balanced diet, reduce our intake of sugars and caffeine and get 6-8 hours of sleep each night, there is more to the story of truly BEing healthy than this.

Ughh, what, more to the story than just following the rules give to us by science??? Yep, there is more to the story, if you choose to keep on reading. If you have done what you have been told to do, followed all of the rules but yet you just don't seem to have reached the results that the book says, then know that there is more to your health.

Start with really asking yourself what health is to YOU... How do you imagine health feels? Do you acknowledge the parts of your body and your life that are healthy now or do you only notice when things are hurting or not feeling right? To be. healthy begins with you, caring about YOU. With you taking the time to honor your body, to give thanks for what is, to support yourself, to speak in a healthy way to yourself, to see yourself in a healthy light and to take action from the place of already BEing your healthiest self.

You can still count calories but just think of all of the mental stress and strain you are expending... wouldn't it be better to allow yourself permission to truly be healthy? Stress be it physical, mental or emotional is in direct conflict with health. Stress, strains, restricts, stops the flow of all that is health. Throw out the rule book, release the strain of what has been and you no longer need... Allow yourself to discover what is and can be as you begin to get into the flow of your health and discover just how healthy you can truly BE~

With Abundance & Health,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC