Sunday, January 15, 2012


Today is all about being BOLD. What do I mean by being BOLD? Well sometimes to know what something is, is to know what it is not...let me share a story...

A friend of mine went to a local bar a week ago and as she went over to the juke box ( yep they still exist) a man came up behind her and said, "lady, I like the way you are put together" then proceeded to give her a reach around and felt her up. Did you chin just drop because mine hit the floor when she told me this story? Bold yes, authentic NO. This is an example of what not to do. So what are some great ways to BE bold in your life today, minus an unsolicited reach around?

To fully answer this question consider first what it means to be bold to YOU. Next consider a working definition: Bold; to be fearless, daring or courageous.

As you are considering being bold, let me ask you if you, were to BE Bold today, how would you be feeling? When you are BOLD today, how will you be standing, moving, breathing, as you are BEing the Bold, Fearless, Daring YOU now?

To Be authentically you is to come from a place of If you could BE anyway, how do you desire to BE? This 30 day journey is all about taking time to be aware of different aspects of ourselves and as we explore different states of being, notice how the doing unfolds. Think of the next 30 days as shopping for YOU. Each day, I encourage you to take an action around the state of being and as you do, try them on for size so to speak and notice what works for you. What feels right, what supports you, what empowers you and allows you to be your best self? Keep what works, release what does not. There is no need and no time to try to make it all fit,this is custom tailoring my friend, buy and keep only what is right for YOU.

As you choose to experience more of what does fit, what does work for you in your life you will notice the unlimited opportunities that present on a daily basis. Each day the universe is showing you what you love, so go for it, enjoy it, fully allow yourself to experience the juiciness of life as you be BOLD, as you be YOU!

Tell us how you are BOLD today...

With Gratitude & Grace,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

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