Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be Healthy

I remember back to the days of my life, make that years, where my mental and physical energy was consumed with the idea of being healthy, but what was health to me? It meant being a certain weight, a number rather than a state of being. With that number and the attainment of it, came restriction, limitation and lots of working out. It was a thought of have to vs. want to, it was negotiating with myself, "I will allow you to have 1 brownie if you add in an extra workout". It was a constant running tally of calories expended and consumed all the while knowing exactly which machine at the gym would tell me I burned the most calories in the shortest time just in case I needed to go into the land of calorie deficit so that I could drop another pound.

My early years of deprivation are what I am sure led me into the field of health and well living. What started as burning calories unfolded into a true awareness of honoring the natural health that lies within. We are taught that health is a text book, a series of equations if we follow and fall into "normal" categories then we are healthy. While research is valid and it is important to exercise at least 3 times a week, eat a well balanced diet, reduce our intake of sugars and caffeine and get 6-8 hours of sleep each night, there is more to the story of truly BEing healthy than this.

Ughh, what, more to the story than just following the rules give to us by science??? Yep, there is more to the story, if you choose to keep on reading. If you have done what you have been told to do, followed all of the rules but yet you just don't seem to have reached the results that the book says, then know that there is more to your health.

Start with really asking yourself what health is to YOU... How do you imagine health feels? Do you acknowledge the parts of your body and your life that are healthy now or do you only notice when things are hurting or not feeling right? To be. healthy begins with you, caring about YOU. With you taking the time to honor your body, to give thanks for what is, to support yourself, to speak in a healthy way to yourself, to see yourself in a healthy light and to take action from the place of already BEing your healthiest self.

You can still count calories but just think of all of the mental stress and strain you are expending... wouldn't it be better to allow yourself permission to truly be healthy? Stress be it physical, mental or emotional is in direct conflict with health. Stress, strains, restricts, stops the flow of all that is health. Throw out the rule book, release the strain of what has been and you no longer need... Allow yourself to discover what is and can be as you begin to get into the flow of your health and discover just how healthy you can truly BE~

With Abundance & Health,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

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