Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be. Playful

With half of the country covered in snow today, what better opportunity than now to go out and play. Build a snowman, slide on the ice, eat fresh snow and if you are nowhere near snow today, that’s ok, there are still unlimited opportunities awaiting you to PLAY. You remember that activity that you did when you were small that consumed you for hours on end? You know, that space where doing and being just merged effortlessly and all that you imagined came to life through your toys?

Playtime is not just relegated to an activity for children. Play is a natural state that instantly connects us to our inner joy and light. As it is said in the law of attraction, we attract to us not what we want, but rather what we ARE. As you ARE experiencing ways of being joyful and light, you are that, and as you are, so shall be.

Today is an “all-call” to go pretend… use your imagination, laugh, giggle, make a fort under your desk, go have a race, dance, do whatever will connect you to that space of play. Go have fun because you deserve some joy today.

Share with us, your favorite ways to play :)

With Laughter & Joy,

Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

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