Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be YOU in 2012

Be Your Best in 2012 & BE.yond...
If you have sworn that 2012 WILL be YOUR year, different from years past, I invite you to take a moment and consider why, how and in what ways??? Before you get busy doing all of the tasks on the 2012 to-do, take a moment to fully consider how you are ready to BE~

Start from the End… It is often said that goals do not work, because you reach them and then what? What is next after a goal is met, do you revert back and begin all over again or do you feel a bit disappointed as if achieving the goal was less than the imagined version of success? Before you start all of your doing to achieve your 2012 desires stop and start from the end. Ask yourself a few of the following questions to get you totally connected to your ultimate state of

• Why do I want to achieve ________ ( insert your goal of choice here such as loose 10 lbs)?
• If I achieve that, then how will I BE?
• If I achieve that, then how will I be feeling, speaking, standing, moving, breathing?
• If I achieve that, then how will I be treating myself, thinking about myself and why am I not already doing that now? Hmmm note to self, be good to self now and later 
• If I achieve that, then what type of thoughts will I be thinking in my head, how will I be communicating with others, how will I be treating others?

Do you notice a pattern??? The big question is when you think about what it is that you really want and you think ahead to the end of already having it, then go one step beyond and notice the YOU that has achieved this 2012 goal. How are YOU? How was the process? What did you need more of or less of along your way? How are you NOW that you are fully connected to how you are ready to BE?

2012 is not another year of setting goals and then letting life take over in the driver’s seat again. 2012 is YOUR year to be.come AWAKE, to notice the many opportunities available to you to experience what you desire in the NOW. Yes it will be great when you reach your goals but just think, if you connect to your ultimate state of, the reason why you are really wanting to achieve a goal in the first place, then you can already BE feeling great now.

The journey of life does not always have to be about, when we just get to point b, or to obtain a thing, a title, a relationship, a drop in pants size. The journey is a journey, this is true, but it is YOUR journey, one in which you get to choose. This is your journey, this is your year, how do you really want it to BE? You can create your story, your adventure anyway that you choose! For total success in the here and now, start from the end and fully connect with what it is that matters to you and why and bring the energy of your desire into the here and NOW allowing you to fully be.come all that you are here meant to BE and so much more!

Happy Travels into 2012 and be.yond~

PS.... If you want a bit of guided help to fully shift your paradigm of the past and make 2012 your best take a listen to PARADIGM SHIFT.

With Gratitude & Joy,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC
Change Agent.

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  1. great stuff Dr M. I'm sharing with my twittesphere. This can really help align those who haven't been able to focus on new year's resolutions.