Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be Still

Be. Still

Just for a moment as you read this now, allow your mind to quiet, allow your breath to fill your body with ease, just for a moment as you sit and read this, allow yourself to simply BE still in the now…

Life is always happening, coming at us at what feels like warp speed. Tasks, goals, aspirations, hopes,dreams, immediate needs and objectives to be met, it is the beauty of modern day life. It is not to shy away from reality as we know it or to be frustrated by it but rather to experience the opportunity for balance of busy when it is counterbalanced with stillness.

So how is it done? How does one connect to this state of stillness that I speak of? Intend it...

Today I invite you to slow it all down, just for a moment. Recognize that your life is not a race to be won, it is your journey to BE had so allow yourself to be in it. Stillness exists even in what appears to be chaos and hurriedness, stillness is within. To tap into this natural state of, simply give yourself a moment to just be STILL. Tell your mind and your to-do’s that you are giving them a 60 second break as you draw your awareness into your heart. Awareness begins with the mind but follows with the breath,the essence of the life force that fills your body. Breathe in calm, breathe in ease and be still in the moment to simply notice the peace that is present in this, your moment of stillness.

From stillness to action, not separate, but together they allow for a greater state of wholeness. Bring the peaceful ease of stillness with you as you are now recharged and ready to go. Jump back into the hustle bustle of your day, knowing at any time you can take 60 seconds to just be still to revel in the greatness that is YOU.

With Gratitude & Ease

Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

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