Sunday, January 15, 2012

Be. Clear

Something tells me that I am not alone on wanting an answer, asking a question and even thinking that I am open to receiving the guidance to still not see, not get, and not accept what is being given. We want what we want in the exact way that we want it, no exceptions!

Today I am sharing the message to be clear about what you want but move beyond an outcome. Move to the space that is the essence of what it is you seek that which you desire. If you have set a clear goal to release 10 lbs lets say and you have put a plan of action in place that is great. You are clear on the outcome you want, but WHY? Why do you want to take the action in the first place? Why do you want to release the weight, why do you want to shift your nutrition, why do you want to move your body, why, why, why? Is it because you want to be healthy, to have more energy, to feel confident, to be strong, to feel good in your own skin, to be light, to be free? We all have our own person why’s…

As you ask yourself why and simply notice the answers that come, you align with a deeper part of yourself. The clearer you become to the true meaning of why you want what you want, you then open yourself up to a heightened awareness. The greater your awareness, the more you be.gin to notice the many opportunities that present to you to support you in experiencing the essence of what it is that you desire in the here and NOW.

I was focused on my outcome only and missed the opportunities that were being presented to me. The good news is that when something really matters, when you continue to ask for answers, the answers will always come. Clarity allows you to see the answers exactly as they are and not how you need them to be.

Be Clear to your truth and you will find all of the joy, the energy, the love, the motivation, the goodness, the juiciness of life in the now instead of the later. As for me, I am happy to be. Clear NOW 

With Clarity & Grace,
Melissa Grill-Petersen, DC

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